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Discovering communities

Discovering communities! Communities unite Estonia 

It's the month of joy*, and that means that in the Cultural Diversity Year, it’s time to discover the sources of joy around us. This, of course, includes people close to us in one way or another. That is why in May, we will focus on the cultural diversity of communities – by understanding this, we will discover more and more about what makes us one Estonia.

As soon as we step outside our home, we join the community where we live – for some, it can be their home street, for others, a village spread out among fields. As soon as we get beyond our family, we become part of several more communities, such as an alumni association or a society formed by bearers of a national culture. Either way, our communities say a lot about us: where we come from, what we value, who we care about, how we act, etc.

What communities are in your locality? To what extent do we take notice of our communities? What do we know about their history? What do our communities give us? What brought us to this or that community? How well do we know the other community members? How do we introduce our community to others? The answers to these and other questions will allow us to know our communities better.

Tips from the Cultural Diversity Year working group to help you get to know your communities better:

Discover and explore your community! Host quizzes, make posts, write articles, record shows, or exchange information at gatherings so that newly acquired or existing information about your community reaches members and beyond. There is much you already know, and you can find out more in the Statistics Estonia databases, National Archives of Estonia and the Museums Public Portal. Do not forget to add the hashtag #kultuuririkkus and send the completed projects to us at [email protected]

Organize cultural rallies! - For the 15th time, the organizers of the nationwide collective action initiative "Let's do it!" are calling on you on May 4, or at another appropriate time, to come together as a community and do good. The organisers, along with our theme-year working group, propose to draw attention to the abundance of our cultures as part of the collective action – to bring one aspect of culture to every event! Members of different nationalities, places that unite communities, traditional customs for the collective action, lots of shared memories, dishes from national cuisines, colorful patterns handed down by ancestors, folk songs that touch hearts are just some of the options. Post your collective action event or find one here: Let's Do It ( If you need help getting in touch with other cultural communities, contact [email protected]. If you participate in workshops, don't forget the hashtags #kultuuririkkus and #teemeära.

Bring a cultural aspect to every event! Celebrate diversity! - May 8 is Diversity Day, which is why the whole month of May is Diversity Month. There are several ways to participate in it, starting with the Estonian Human Rights Centre conference "From Cultural Conflict to Innovation" (registration: here). In addition, you can organize discussions about cultural diversity, make posts on the topic, get acquainted with the food and traditions of different cultures, etc. If you would like to invite representatives of a culture to visit, please contact us at [email protected].

Organize World Day! - Another way to highlight the cultural diversity of your community is World Day. On this day, you can learn more about people who have recently come to your community. A getting-to-know-you night, a discussion, an interview - all ideas are welcome. The ideas of the Estonian organisation Mondo, which works to alleviate global inequalities and developed this format, can be found here:

* One of the folk names for May

> Discover what days are celebrated in this mounth in different communities. We have gathered the commemorative and feast days we know of into a simple calendar: get to know them and, if possible, celebrate!

If you know of an upcoming date that has not yet been marked in our calendar, please share the name of the occasion with us along with the description and your contact details by writing to [email protected].

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