Language Friends Program

Keelesõbra programm

We have launched several programs to develop Estonian language skills. The opportunity to practise what you have learned, i.e. to converse directly and freely, is an indispensable part of language learning. The Language Friends program Keelesõber, which brings together an Estonian language learner and a volunteer mentor with good Estonian language skills to practise the language, provides this opportunity.

This year, the programme enters its fifth season. To make it a success, we want to involve 1,000 mentors to help the same number of language learners practise Estonian through conversation: link.


More information:

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The activities are carried out with the support of the European Union’s 2021–2027 Cohesion Policy and Internal Security Funds and within the framework of Project No. 2021-2027.4.07.23-0006 of Decree No. 80 of the Minister of Culture of 15 March 2023 ‘Conditions for granting support for carrying out activities supporting integration, including adaptation, in Estonian society’.