We would be grateful if you could use the visual identity of the theme year to notice, value and preserve cultural diversity. To make it as easy as possible to use the graphic design of the Cultural Diversity Year and the applications created for this purpose, we offer

> handbook of visual identity for the Cultural Diversity Year
> files with the main and additional versions of the theme year logo
> files with designs which you can customize and save for yourself at online design platform Canva: 

> a collection of images where you can find suitable photos for free use 

Linking and tagging is also welcome:
> hashtags – #kultuuririkkus #2024
> Facebook account – @kultuuririkkuseaasta
> website –

If you have any questions when creating designs that have not been answered here, please submit them to [email protected].

The visual identity for the Cultural Diversity year and the according handbook are created by Estonian design agency Kala Ruudus. The work has been financed by the European Union accordingly to the rules of the public procurement.


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