Citizen's Day quiz

Citizen's Day Quiz 2022 is closed.

We are pleased to announce the top 10 winners who are entitled to an Apollo e-gift card. Many congratulations to the winners:
Anastasia Kotšura
Nelli Kuldmaa
Aleksander Tamm
Aleksei Lebedev
Erika Buda
Stiven Kasimir
Kaur Erik Pääsuke
Leon Galojan
Valeria Mihhaltšuk 
One award winner wished to remain anonymous.

Citizen's Day is marked on 26 November. Every year the Integration Foundation organises an exciting online quiz about Estonia’s recent past in honour of the occasion, with a focus on interesting events and life in Estonia.

If you have any comments on questions, please write an email [email protected]

Organisation of the Citizens Day online quiz is supported by the Ministry of Culture.