During the year

Here you will find ideas on how you can highlight Estonia's cultural richness, no matter the day, month or time of year you choose to do so. 
> Playlist "Music of different cultures"    
Together, make a list of the music that people from different cultures listen to and put together a playlist. Host music days of different nations on local radio. Create playlists for different cultures’ special occasions.

> Cookbook "Our dishes"
Throughout the year, prepare dishes from different cultures (incl. Estonian). Ask members of that national community to prepare and present their dishes. Put together a cookbook from the descriptions/recipes of prepared dishes. In a smaller group, anyone can make a "My Family Cookbook."

> The "Golden Fleece" of cultural diversity
Give short presentations to different cultures, followed by a fun educational guessing game called Golden Fleece (or Kahoot). Invite your guests, let them talk about themselves and come up with tricky questions for the game!



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