Return support

Section 36 of the Constitution of the Republic of Estonia provides the right of every ethnic Estonian and Estonian citizen to settle in Estonia. Integration Foundation supports return to Estonia of ethnic Estonians and Estonian citizens who have stayed away from Estonia for a long time or were born in a foreign country by paying return support to those who need help.

The return support can be applied for by ethnic Estonians and Estonian citizens who have lived outside Estonia for 10 years or more. For specific conditions and procedure for application for the support read the information below or contact to our consultant.

Telephone: +372 800 9999

Who can apply for return support?

The return support can be applied for by an ethnic Estonian holding Estonian citizenship or Estonian residence permit who:

  • has emigrated from Estonia at least 10 years prior or has been born in a foreign country; 
  • has returned to Estonia permanently within the last six months and has registered his/her place of residence in the Population Register of the Republic of Estonia
  • has preserved a connection with Estonian culture, respects the Estonian state and its constitutional order;
  • due to his/her economic and social situation, is in need of financial support in order to return to Estonia.

How can the return support be applied for?

The return support may be applied for immediately after the applicant has been registered in the Population Register of the Republic of Estonia, but no later than 6 months after their return to Estonia.

The applicant must fill in and sign the application form and submit it to the Integration and Migration Foundation Our People. The applicant must hold the following documents which they must submit along with the application, if necessary: 

1. Document certifying Estonian ethnicity or citizenship (for example a birth certificate or passport or that of a parent/grandparent);
2. Travel document or other document allowing his/her return (for example passport or certificate of return);
3. Estonian residence permit if the applicant is not a citizen of Estonia;
4. Documents certifying absence of the applicant from Estonia at least 10 years prior the return;
5. Certificate of his/her entry into the Population Register of the Republic of Estonia;
6. Certificate on income of the 12 months preceding the submission of the application (for example a tax declaration, certificate from an employer or a bank);
7. Certificate on rent or organisation of ownership relation (selling, gift) on housing in the country of origin; 
8. Expense receipts (tickets, bookings etc) and cost calculation related to resettlement;
9. Birth certificate of the child(ren) entered on the application form, and documents listed in articles 1-5;
10. Bank account number.

Integration Foundation has the right to request additional documents for clarification of circumstances

How to apply for the support for children?

  • Data on children under 15 years of age is entered, with the mutual agreement of the parents, on the application form of one of the parents.
  • A person of 15 to 18 years of age must have a written permission of their legal guardian to submit the application.

Does one have to go to Tallinn to apply for the support? 

If an applicant lives in a more remote area of Estonia then he/she can:

1) submit an application in the nearest regional department of the Police and Border Guard Board;
2) send the application form by post. In this case the attached copies of the documents must be verified by a notary.

If an applicant is unable to submit their application personally due to their age or state of health, this may, in special cases, be done by their representative on the basis of a letter of authorisation certified by a notary.

How is the return support paid?

The maximum rate of the return support is 2 000 euros per adult.

As a general rule, the support is transferred to the bank account of the applicant.