For employers

Counselling and support in organising the Estonian language studies

The foundation can be helpful for companies that employ people of other nationalities or are planning to recruit foreign workers. We advise employers on:

  • introducing the possibilities of learning Estonian: what learning opportunities and forms of learning to use and prefer;
  • methodological support to the employer within the company for conducting the Estonian language studies;
  • group counselling at the request of the employer to its employees (involving partners if necessary).

The foundation's consultants can also be involved in company briefings and information events where they can introduce the counselling service, and talk about what issues the consultant should be contacted.

Group counselling

The aim of group counselling is to share information and advice to people on adaptation and integration that is relevant to many people at once (e.g opportunities, forms and responsibilities for learning Estonian; practising Estonian, including courses supporting preparation for examinations; applying for citizenship; socialization and everyday life issues).

In group counselling, we introduce the topics on the foundation's counselling web, which are also useful for the employers.

How can the foundation support language learning?

We help the employer to:

  • analyse the reasons for learning Estonian and set goals for studies. Each course has its own purpose, and each learner has his or her own reason to learn the language, such as improving the spoken language skills, passing the exam, etc.
  • set the length (volume) and intensity of the language course. We will define when and how often it would be reasonable to get together, and if such a pace and intensity is appropriate.
  • find a teacher and agree on the content of the studies (topics, areas of work, etc.).

Since 01.06.2018, the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund provides training support for the employer to develop the Estonian language skills of employees.

In implementing this support, the foundation can provide support for finding the best solutions and organising the learning of the Estonian language with its consultants and language house service.

For employers, the most convenient and easiest way to submit an application for training support for the development of the Estonian language skills is via the e-portal of the Unemployment Insurance Fund. The employers can get more detailed information by e-mail at [email protected].

Together we will find the right solution and create the conditions for successful language learning!


The Integration Foundation's Advisers are happy to help you!

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The Integration Foundation counselling service is financed by the European Social Fund project 2014-2020.2.06.004005006.01.15-0001 ‘Terms and conditions of the provision of support for activities promoting integration in Estonian society”