New game for learning Estonian: ‘Käänuk’

On Wednesday, 29 May doctoral student of Tartu University Helena Metslang presented a new Estonian grammar game ‘Käänuk’ at the Integration Foundation. The game is freely available online at

This high-quality digital game and dictionary is designed for studying Estonian grammar at the B1 and B2 levels and higher. It makes use of comic strips that depict engaging, real-life situations. As one of the creators of the game, Metslang jokes that the game is only semi-politically correct and that fun and laughter are guaranteed.

The training on how to play and use the game was held at the Estonian Language Centre in Tallinn, attended by more than 20 teachers of Estonian to adults. The participants can now use the game to explain and reinforce grammar points in lessons and refer students to it for practice outside of the classroom.

The foundation’s own Estonian language teachers are also active users of the game, which can be used as part of general language and grammar courses. It represents a useful addition to independent language-learning resources like Keeletee and Speakly.

‘Käänuk’ was devised by the Institute of Estonian and General Linguistics of the University of Tartu and designed in cooperation with an author and artists from Interactive Fate. Contributing to the project were Edvin Aedma, Helena Metslang, Levar Lõhmus, Toomas Laasik, Raili Pool, Natalia Vaiss and David Ogren. The game’s development was supported by the European Social Fund. For further information we recommend contacting Helena Metslang directly by e-mailing [email protected].

The consultants at the Integration Foundation are happy to share advice on learning Estonian. Call them on the free number 800 9999 or e-mail [email protected]. The overview of possibilities to learn Estonian is published here.