Year of Cultural Diversity

2024 is the Year of Cultural Diversity. It is precisely this value that unites the people of Estonia that we will focus on in the next thematic year initiated by the Ministry of Culture. To this end, we will do everything we can together to make cultural diversity stand out and bring a special kind of joy to people. The year will be leaded by Integration Foundation, which has been entrusted by the ministry with matters related to Estonian cohesion.

Questions about the Year of Cultural Diversity will be answered by

  • Katja Sepp, Head of Communications at the Integration Foundation – telephone 53074951, e-mail [email protected]

  • Krismar Rosin, Adviser, Ministry of Culture – tel. 53435549, email [email protected].

We are eagerly looking for a Project Manager for the Year of Cultural Diversity to join our team. Applications are open until 9 April.