We are looking forward to ideas for cooperation activities carried out in the field of integration

Today, on 19 August, the Integration Foundation is announcing a call for ideas for cooperation activities in the field of integration. The foundation is looking forward to ideas aimed at strengthening contacts between representatives of various nationalities, developing cooperation between organizations dealing with integration and its support, and raising awareness of Estonia's cultural diversity.

"Communication and cooperation between social groups and, through this, the sharing of common values are an integral part of integration. In cooperation with several partners, we have been organizing activities and projects for several years aimed at establishing contacts between various communities and finding a common language. The aim of the call for ideas is to provide opportunities for everyone who wish to contribute to integration, present new ideas and approaches for the development of community co-operation and joint activities," said Ljudmila Peussa, Head of Cooperation Activities at the Integration Foundation. “The specialty of this call for ideas is that in addition to experienced project managers, we look forward to active young people without prior project management experience but with a wish to contribute to integration activities and to organize projects aimed at young people to participate. For our part, we are ready to offer everyone support in planning and implementing the activities,” Ljudmila Peussa added.

The Integration Foundation is waiting for ideas with the implementation period of 19.10.2020 - 30.04.2021. The budget for the call totals EUR 50,000, including 10,000 euros for initiatives submitted by and targeting young people. The total cost of one project may not exceed EUR 4,900, and for youth initiatives, the maximum cost of an activity may not exceed EUR 2,000.

The deadline for submitting your description of an idea is 11 September 2020. Ideas must be submitted digitally signed to the e-mail address [email protected]. The guide and form for submitting ideas are available on the website of the Integration Foundation HERE.

Additional information on participating in the call for ideas will be available at information sessions held on 31 August at 13.00 (in Estonian) and on 2 September at 15.00 (in Russian) in the Zoom environment. You can sign up for the information day at [email protected]. More detailed information on participating in the event will be sent to the registrants.

Last year, the Integration Foundation helped organize 40 activities promoting community cooperation and increasing the participation of young people and adults in social processes. 2,609 people took part in them. For example, discussions and seminars were held on topics such as youth policy, the future of education, urban development, inclusive education, children with special needs and the society, cooperation between people and local governments, health, sport.

Cooperation activities are funded by the European Social Fund project "Conditions for Providing Grants to Activities Supporting Integration in Estonian Society".

Additional information:

Ljudmila Peussa
Head of Cooperation Activities at the Integration Foundation
e-mail: [email protected]
phone: +372 659 9859