We are collecting the photos of the Integration Foundation’s history

On 31 March 2023, the Integration Foundation will be celebrating its quarter-century anniversary. For this reason, we ask you to share photos of your collaboration with us – the older, the better

The Integration Foundation was created on 31 March 1998 under the name Non-Estonians Integration Foundation. From the spring of 2008 to the end of 2009, the institution was called the Integration Foundation. In 2010, the institution merged with the Estonian Migration Foundation and the combined organisation became the Integration and Migration Foundation Our People (MISA). Since 15 March 2017, the foundation bears the name Integration Foundation again.

Send us any photos of your collaboration with the Integration Foundation – of joint activities, of people who have collaborated with us, and of our shared achievements. With these photos, we hope to preserve a significant part of the history of the foundation as well as of integration.

We ask you to send the photos no later than 20 March via e-mail to [email protected]. Please include the following information with the photo files, so we could use the photos in the news channels and publications of the foundation:

  • The names of the people or places on the photo and if possible, the story behind it;
  • The date and location of the photo;
  • The author of the photo;
  • Confirmation that the Integration Foundation has permission to publish, archive, and reuse the photo. We always mention the author by name.

The size of the photos: the photos should be at least 1 MB in size, but other scans and reimaged photos are welcome too.

Thank you in advance to those who help preserve a small but important part of our Estonian history.

The photo below was taken at a meeting in Võru in 2017, where the topic of family studies was discussed. At the table are the President of the Republic of Estonia Kersti Kaljulaid, Urmo Kübarsepp from the Office of the President, Maivi Liiskmann, Külliki Mattus and Viia Haller - representatives of the families who hosted the young people learning Estonian, Irene Käosaar, the head of the Integration Foundation, and Jana Tondi, the head of language learning activities in the foundation. Photo by Viktor Burkivski.

Foto Viktor Burkivski