Seek a partner to create Estonian language learning materials

Eager partners are invited to take part in a competition that the Integration Foundation is running until 1 July 2019 with the aim of supporting independent studies with a calendar notebook, social game and set of exercises.

As a centre of excellence in its field, the Integration Foundation is responsible, among other things, for the development of Estonian language teaching methodologies and learning materials.

“The advisors of the Estonian Language Centre face more and more interest for independent learning of Estonian language. We have developed language cafés, trained their coordinators and provided materials to support this trend. Now it´s time to make support materials public and practical,” said Kätlin Kõverik, the senior adviser at the foundation who is responsible for organizing the competition. “A calendar and a game will be totally new materials to, at first, support independent learners of Estonian language and, also, all the others.”

The calendar should be designed for language learners to support them in their studies. The aim of the board game should be to support Estonian language learners in a fun and playful way in the process of change management and to help them recognise and analyse circumstances and situations that both hinder and foster language learning. The set of language café exercises should be designed for those running the cafés and advisors to promote the implementation of the language café methodology as an advisory measure.

“We’re looking for a partner who’ll help us find and realize creative solutions,” Kõverik added. “And that’s for all three learning materials. Tenders can be submitted as part of the competition until 1 July.”

The terms and conditions of the competition can be found online at

ILLUSTRATION: Some Estonian language learning materials.

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