Returning to Estonia goes more smoothly when you've thought ahead and clarified for yourself what steps you need to take upon returning home. We have compiled the main topics that may be helpful in preparation.

You can find necessary information about Estonia, its regulations and services on the Eesti.ee portal. Below are direct links to answers to frequently asked questions.


Citizenship confirming documents, ID-card and passport

The documents confirming the identity of an Estonian citizen are the ID-card and passport.

For information on applying for Estonian citizenship by birth, you can contact the Police and Border Guard Board, where migration advisors can provide more detailed answers to questions regarding citizenship documents and applications.

You can apply for initial and renewed ID cards and passports at the Estonian Republic´s representations around the world or through the Police and Border Guard Board's self-service portal and service offices across Estonia.

Queries about your Estonian ancestry can be made at the National Archives by filling out the relevant form.

With the ID card, you can sign documents, conduct banking transactions, and verify your identity.


Taxes and customs

Information about our tax system is available at the Eesti.ee portal and on the website of the Tax and Customs Board.

People who come to live in Estonia from a country outside the European Union (EU) due to a change of residence, marriage, or temporary stay related to studies in Estonia, can under some conditions bring their personal items tax-free. More information is available here.


Registering your place of residence

First, you need to register your place of residence in the Population Register. Otherwise, you cannot continue with the necessary proceedings – getting a place at a kindergarten or school, receiving social benefits, etc. The majority of public services are provided by local authorities on the basis of the person’s place of residence in the Population Register. The local authority will therefore check if the person requesting services lives in Estonia and in this particular municipality according to the data in the Population Register. Any person can specify and renew their information in the Population Register, if necessary.

More information about registering your place of residence is available in the state portal’s article ‘Registering residence.


Health insurance and family physician services

To receive health insurance and family physician services, it’s important that you’re listed in the Population Register, but bear in mind that getting entered into a family physician’s practice list may take time. Information about registering with a family physician is available at the ‌website of the Health Insurance Fund.

Additional information about health insurance.


Social assistance

The Social Insurance Board is a government agency whose purpose is securing the self-sufficiency and well-being of the Estonian people.

The Social Insurance Board provides people with their pensions, allowances and benefits, organises victim support and reconciliation services, coordinates nation-wide child protection work and so on.

General information regarding benefits, allowances, and social services is available at the Eesti.ee portal.



The local authority supports people in finding kindergarten and school places for their children.

In case of any questions, please contact your rural municipality or city government; more information available at the local governments, in the Education Portal and ‌on the website of the Ministry of Education and Research.


Work and business

The Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund will assist you in finding work and making career decisions. Different employment portals, apps, and web-based social networks may also prove useful when looking for work.

To start or continue a business, the consultants of County Development Centres will offer free consultations and will assist you in developing business plans and achieving the goals you have set. Assistance for business owners


Driving licence and registration of a vehicle

Returnees who come with a personal vehicle with registration marks of another country, must turn to the Estonian Transport Administration.

Returnees whose driving licence was issued in another state should also get acquainted with the requirements on the website of the Transport Administration to maintain their right to drive and renew their licence on time, if necessary. In Estonia, motor vehicle drivers must also have a valid health certificate, of which information is available here.