Let us write a book TOGETHER!

Become a co-author! How?

  • If you live in Estonia but Estonian is not your mother tongue, write down a special moment you had with an Estonian!
  • If you are Estonian, please send us a story about a memorable moment with a person from another culture living in Estonia.

The Integration Foundation invites you to participate in a joint project, the ultimate goal of which is to provide relatable and engaging language learning material.

We are waiting for your short stories in which you talk about a memorable or funny moment with an Estonian or, if you are Estonian, with a person from another culture.

Do not send us life stories – we want stories of specific moments where someone behaved in an unexpected manner or had a linguistic accident which caused confusion – moments that make you laugh when you think back on them or were simply special.

The characters in the stories will be fictional characters who will end up in the situations you have described. The Integration Foundation reserves the right to use the stories as inspiration, which means that we will change the stories for literary or educational purposes, if necessary.

How will we thank the writers?

The names of the authors of the used stories will be included in the study material and we will also give them a personal copy of the book. In addition, we will invite all participants to a thank-you event once the book has been completed.

How to participate?

Your story can be in Estonian or your mother tongue and be up to one page.

Write down the story here: https://forms.gle/tGeS5xsLfyyXFE77A and include your contact information so we can contact you later.

The stories can be submitted until 15 May 2022.

If you have any questions, contact Pille Maffucci, teacher at the Estonian Language House in Narva ([email protected]).

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