The Integration Foundation opened a self-service portal for its customers

The Integration Foundation opened a self-service portal on the website, through which users can conveniently plan their language learning and register for Estonian language courses, events for practising language skills, and other services.

‘The self-service portal gives language learners the opportunity to better orient in the free Estonian language-learning opportunities we offer, to select those that match their language proficiency level, location, and time preferences, and to register at a time convenient to them,’ said Kätlin Kõverik, head of Counselling Service of the Integration Foundation. ‘The new system makes it easier to find language-learning opportunities and ensures our counsellors have more time for customer communication,’ added Kätlin Kõverik.

In the self-service portal, users can see free Estonian language courses and events for practising language skills offered by the foundation. They can be selected based on the language level, location, or time. Users can register for services in the self-service portal and the system will also send reminders about upcoming services. Every user will have an overview of the learning activities they have completed, their results, and the events planned for the future.

To enter the self-service portal, users have to identify themselves with an Estonian ID-card, Mobile-ID, or Smart-ID.

The counsellors of the foundation can help customers who do not have access to the self-service portal choose language-learning opportunities and register for them – call 800 9999 free of charge or send an email to [email protected].

More information:

The Integration Foundation, together with the Estonian Language Houses operating in it, offers an average of 5,000 student places per year in free Estonian language courses and various opportunities to practice the language and get acquainted with the Estonian culture through weekly activities. All services of the Integration Foundation and the Estonian Language Houses are intended for adults and are free of charge for participants. An overview of the services and events of the foundation is available both in the self-service portal and in the calendar of events.