Forum Theatre

Language level: A2/B1/B2/C1

Time: Thursdays 18:30-20:30 from 21 February-13 June

Venue: Jakobsoni 7, Tallinn

Run by: Mari Derlõš (from the Estonian Language Centre) & Nikolai Kunitsõn

Places available: 25

The Estonian language learning programme of the Forum Theatre is a practical and interactive way of honing your skills in critical situations through roleplay. The theatre format encourages people to learn and find solutions to a range of everyday problems that arise from interpersonal relationships and communication.

The four-month programme involves weekly sessions lasting two hours. It is designed for those who speak Estonian at or above the A2 level. An open performance will be held in January to showcase the programme.

Sessions with the participants will involve fun and creative roleplay situations and discussions of their results, and scenarios will be conceived and staged as a group. The programme will give those taking part more confidence in using Estonian, broaden their vocabulary and hone their fluency in key situations. A public performance will close the programme.

Anyone interested in taking part in the programme should fill in the registration form at HERE by 14 February.