On Sunday, 5 March, 40 Estonian language learners interested in fashion started working together with recognised Estonian fashion designers to create their own green transition inspired collection and practice Estonian. This new opportunity is offered by the fashion and language school MOEPÖÖRE in the Narva Estonian language house.
‘The first meeting of students and mentors passed with a firm will to accomplish something special. The collaboration began to ensure that we all wear clothes and accessories that are truly sustainable. This was also accompanied by an obvious interest in communicating in Estonian on both professional and other topics,’ Julia Viirsalu, head of the fashion and language school and teacher at the Narva Estonian language house, summed up the first day.
40 people were admitted to the fashion and language school launched in the Narva Estonian language house. Most of the students live in Ida-Viru County and some will be attending the school from Tallinn. Most of the students’ daily work is far from the fashion world, but design and sewing, knitting or other handiwork is a long-time hobby for them all.
Students are being guided in creating green transition inspired clothes and accessories by mentors who are successful in sustainable design: the Chief Designer of Ivo Nikkolo Margot Vaaderpass, the founder of the KÄT studio Kätlin Kikkas, Liis Tiisvelt, who has just launched the world’s first e-commerce packaging circulation system Tango Eesti, and knitwear creator Anu Sirkas. Students will get suitable materials primarily from the items collected by recycling center Uuskasutuskeskus.
Acknowledged experts will share the necessary experiences with the students in workshops. The world of sustainable materials will be introduced by Diana Tuulik, lecturer at the TTK University of Applied Sciences, Juko Mart Kõlar, Head of the Viljandi Culture Academy, will help promote the brand, Aljona Eesmaa, the founder of a fashion portal, will discuss the peculiarity of media, and fashion photographer Getter Raiend will help create photos that are worth more than a thousand words.
In addition, the students will have the opportunity to practice their Estonian language skills. All activities at the school are conducted in Estonian and are supported by Signe Viilop and Julia Viirsalu, teachers at the Integration Foundation’s Narva Estonian language house.
The students will present the finished clothes and accessories at a public fashion show, which will take place in Narva on 11 June. In the meantime, you can follow the activities of the fashion and language school on the website www.moepoore.ee and on social media.
The fashion and language school MOEPÖÖRE is an initiative of the Integration Foundation’s Narva Estonian language house, Viljandi Culture Academy of the University of Tartu, organiser of fashion festivals Estonian Fashion Festival, and recycling center Uuskasutuskeskus. The aim of this is to involve fashion-enthusiastic Estonian language learners in green transition inspired fashion creation.

Photos: The first meeting of MOEPÖORE students and mentors of the fashion and language school at the Estonian language house of the Integration Foundation in Narva  – https://photos.app.goo.gl/qaZxsvZMos5rMCZd7 (Integration Foundation/ Dmitri Fedotkin).