Exploring the urban space of Tallinn – Botanic Garden B1+ (Tallinn)/GROUP FULL

16.06.2023 14:00 - 15:30
Kloostrimetsa tee 52, Tallinn

Come on a guided walk to discover the urban space of Tallinn!

This is a series of activities supporting the learning of the Estonian language for adults whose mother tongue is not Estonian. As part of the series, we will discover different areas of Tallinn together with an Estonian-speaking guide. We will get to know the urban space and attractions and discover interesting historical connections.

Our walk will take place in Tallinn Botanic Garden. We will learn about the main purpose and history of the Botanic Garden, as well as its landscape and collections. We can explore the evergreen forest of the Mediterranean, deserts of America and Africa, the lushness of the rainforest, and the peculiar plants of Australia and New Zealand. We will get an overview of alpine plants, ornamental plants, tall perennials, woody plants, and many others. Irises, peonies, and rhododendrons bloom in June.

Participants can practice the Estonian language and learn more about the culture and history of Estonia.

  • Language level required: B1+
  • Time: 16.06 from 14.00-15.30
  • Location: Tallinn Botanic Garden (Kloostrimetsa tee 52, Tallinn). We will meet in front of the entrance to the Tallinn Botanic Garden.
  • No of participants: 25

Organiser: Inna Arno ([email protected])

Registration: (02.06 at 9.00) https://iseteenindus.integratsioon.ee/service/view/12955?lang=en

NB! You can register for the events through the Integration Foundation's self-service, which you can enter using an ID card, Mobile-ID or Smart-ID. Please see the user guide: https://integratsioon.ee/iseteenindus