Estonian enthusiasts are invited to attend the KU-КУ language fair

Anyone who is interested in learning the national language is welcome to attend the Estonian language fair KU-КУ taking place at the Song Festival Grounds in Tallinn from 11:00-17:00 on Saturday 23 March.

“If you’re looking for ways to improve your Estonian or your colleagues need some practice, then KU-КУ is the event to mark in your diary and let others know about,” said Kätlin Kõverik, a senior adviser with the Integration Foundation and the organiser of the language fair.

The event is designed to showcase opportunities for learning Estonian.

“If you come along you’re sure to find an approach to learning the language that suits you, as well as study materials that are hot off the press,” Kõverik said. “You’ll be given the latest tips and some timeless advice as well. You can just take a look around and see what’s available, or even make a start on your studies there and then. To this end we’ll be giving people the chance to speak directly to teachers and the creators of the learning materials and to take part in workshops.”

The language fair is being held in Tallinn for the second time. This year’s event will focus on establishing a language environment and maintaining people’s motivation to learn.

“Like last year, we’re being spurred on by one thing: more and more people are looking to learn Estonian,” Kõverik explained. “Everyone who’s come in for a consultation at the Estonian Language Centre in Tallinn so far has shown an interest in opportunities to learn the language. One in every two of them has been a new arrival in the country who’s interested in learning Estonian as quickly as possible, from the ground up.”

You can take a look at the programme for the fair online at or on Facebook at