Diversity Day is your chance to work with a national minority association

Wednesday 17 April is Diversity Day. To mark the occasion, the Integration Foundation is inviting everyone to make arrangements to run a joint activity with a national minority cultural association operating in Estonia. The foundation can provide assistance to this end.

The aim of Diversity Day is to recognise and appreciate what makes every person important and unique in companies and organisations and in society more broadly.

Diversity is also found in cultural differences. “Everyone in Estonia have met with someone from a different national background, eaten a national dish from another country or noticed national traditions from other parts of the world,” said Irene Käosaar, the director of the Integration Foundation. “But do we always recognise that those people’s origins are different from our own, or associate that food with the national cuisine of a country, or understand the true nature of those traditions? If not, then Diversity Day is the perfect opportunity to discover what these cultural differences are really about.”

For this reason, as part of Diversity Day the Integration Foundation is inviting everyone to organise a joint event with a national minority cultural association that interests them. “There are around 260 such associations operating in Estonia,” Käosaar explained. “Why not choose one of them and arrange a visit, or a lunch, or a workshop or something else that broadens everyone’s horizons? Just get in touch with us by 24 April and we can help you find an association to work with and activities.”

A video commissioned by the Integration Foundation which also shines the spotlight on cultural diversity can be downloaded and shared from http://bit.ly/mitmekesisusevideo.

Assistance will be provided by Kristina Pirgop, the Head of National Minority Activities of the Integration Foundation. You can contact her on +372 659 9024 or at [email protected].

More detailed information and other ideas on what to do as part of Diversity Day can be found on the website of organisation championing the event, the Human Rights Centre: http://bit.ly/koguinfo.


Results of last year’s joint activities:  eggs decorated for Easter and Russian dolls made  by participants of  workshops.