A call for proposals for supporting foreign Estonian cultural society projects was opened

Integration Foundation announced a call for proposals for supporting foreign Estonian cultural society projects and events which help preserve the Estonian language and culture in the world and help the Estonians living abroad retain their connections with Estonia. Applications can be submitted until 6th February.

‘The aim of the grant is to support the activities of the Estonian cultural societies abroad, mediation of Estonian cultural events, and the cohesion of the Estonian communities worldwide with Estonia,’ said Kaire Cocker, Head of Compatriots Service at Integration Foundation.

‘Grants may, for example, be applied for organising cultural events in Estonian communities abroad, for the cultural exchange of Estonian cultural collectives and creative individuals with the Estonian communities abroad, for organising Estonian cultural heritage and heritage culture-related days. Any project applications which are focussed on involving young people would also be very welcome,’ added Kaire Cocker.

The budget of the call for proposals is 44,000 euros and up to 4,000 euros can be applied for in one application. Each applicant may only submit one application. The deadline for the submission of applications is 6 February 2023.

Applications may be submitted by legal persons governed by private law who are registered in the Republic of Estonia, self-employed persons who are registered in the commercial register, or legal persons governed by private law who are registered in a foreign country based on the rules applicable in their country of establishment.

Further information about the terms and conditions of the call for proposals and the application form can be found on the website of Integration Foundation.

As a result of the call for proposals organised in 2022, grants were allocated to 19 foreign Estonian societies for organising various cultural events worldwide. The projects were implemented in 14 countries: Latvia, Finland, Sweden, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Norway, Italy,
United Kingdom, Moldova, Russia, Canada, and the United States. For example, the grant was allocated for holding 35th West Coast Estonian Days in the United States, teaching Estonian folk dance in the Netherlands, celebrating the anniversary of the restoration of independence of the Republic of Estonia in Tampere, and keeping the tradition of Estonian choir singing tradition in Estonian communities abroad and many others.
Further information about the projects which were funded in 2022 is available https://integratsioon.ee/taotlusvoor-valiseesti-kultuuriseltside-toetus-0.
The call for proposals is funded by the Ministry of Culture.
The call for proposals is based on Regulation no. 4 of the Minister of Culture of 8 February 2019 ‘The Conditions and Procedure for Supporting Foreign Estonian Cultural Societies’ (available in Estonian).