Series of short virtual conversations Language Roulette

Zoomi keskkond

Language Roulette is a series of virtual meetings coorganized by teachers and mentors of the Estonian language houses of the Integration Foundation, which brings together people who want to practice Estonian in a new format of short conversations in the Zoom environment.

Participants of the Language Roulette can chat for a limited time in Estonian on a given topic in a random group. After that, the group will be changed and a new conversation on the new topic will begin. Both language learners (starting from A2 level) and mentors who speak Estonian at the level of native speaker will participate in the conversations.

When: 15th of December. Please enter the meeting at 17.45 and we will start exactly at 18.00.
Where: Zoom environment.
Registration: (registration form will be opened one week before the meeting).

We will send the Zoom meeting address to the participants after registration.

Additional information:

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