Photo gallery: The cultural diversity of Ida-Virumaa and Narva reached the heart of Tallinn  

Last weekend, the national communities of Ida-Virumaa and Narva introduced their cultures, which have been preserved for generations, to the residents and guests of the capital. Dancers, singers and musicians performed on the stage, which was opened by this year's Cultural Diversity Year team at the Tallinn Old Town Days.

The Ida-Virumaa groups were the first to highlight the cultural diversity of Estonia with their songs and dances, folk costumes and instruments, melodies and languages.

On Friday afternoon, Alutaguse folk musicians, the Belarusian Society's singing ensemble BEZ, the Kohtla-Järve Ukrainian Society ensemble Perelaz, and the Ida-Virumaa Ingrian Society group Metsakuka performed on the cultural diversity stage. Following them, the visitors of the Old Town Days were captivated by Rafael Sharafetdinov, the leader of the Narva Tatar Cultural Society, the folklore ensemble Suprjadki and Vladimir Cherdakov. The day was brought to a close by the folk-rock band KRATT from Kohtla-Järve Secondary School.

The Cultural Diversity Year is a theme year that takes place this year under the leadership of the Ministry of Culture and the Integration Foundation with the aim of celebrating the diversity of the cultures of Estonian communities and the peoples living in Estonia.

Photos: (author – Integratsiooni Sihtasutus/ Mats Õun)