Pärnu Social Club (Pärnu)

Akadeemia 3, Pärnu

We are going to get to know one another, practice Estonian, play team games, and have a cup of coffee together.

The Social Club, which meets in the conference hall of the Pärnu Central Library, brings together people from various cultural backgrounds who would like to practice Estonian in a pleasant and friendly setting. The Club is a place for getting acquainted with one another, playing fun team games, and exchanging information.

Having a cup of coffee goes hand-in-hand with a Saturday morning.

  • Language level: A2
  • Time: 22.10 kell 12.00-14.00
  • Location: conference room of the Pärnu Central Library (Akadeemia 3, Pärnu)
  • No of participants: 20

Contact person: Silja Joon
Registration: (08.10 at 9.00) https://iseteenindus.integratsioon.ee/service/view/11747?lang=en

NB! You can register for the events through the Integration Foundation's self-service, which you can enter using an ID card, Mobile-ID or Smart-ID. Please see the user guide: https://integratsioon.ee/iseteenindus


Additional information:

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