New Estonian cinema: 'Vee peal' (in Narva)

Narva Estonian Language House (Linda 2, Narva)

‘New Estonian cinema’ is a monthly series of film evenings focused on recent Estonian cinema. The series focuses mainly on the best Estonian comedy and drama films, but also features award-winning documentaries and artistic short films (BFM). The film evenings aim to introduce contemporary Estonian films and promote listening, reading, and discussion skills. The screenings are preceded and followed by a free-form discussion where participants share their thoughts; more complex (including colloquial) expressions found in the films and the background of the films are also discussed before the screening. Each occasion also provides a specific information or worksheet. Estonian movies are part of our cultural sphere and the film evenings at the Estonian Language House in Narva are an excellent opportunity to navigate better in this field.

  • Language level: A2+ (with Russian subtitles starting from A1)
  • Date: 2 February; 2 March; 6 April; 4 May 2022 at 6.00-9.00 p.m.
  • Location: Narva Estonian Language House (Linda 2, Narva)
  • Registration:

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