New Estonian cinema A2+ (Narva)

29.03.2023 18:00 - 20:00
Narva Estonian Language House (Linda 2, Narva)

‘New Estonian cinema’ is a monthly series of film evenings focused on recent Estonian cinema.

The series focuses mainly on the best Estonian comedy and drama films, but also features award-winning documentaries and artistic short films (BFM).

FILM: Tree of eternal love

After getting his heart broken, Kiik decides to drive to the other side of Estonia with his film-maker best friend. The journey helps the young guys to understand themselves better but ALSO gets them involved in criminal activities. In addition to young talented actors, the film features several well-known ones too. A summer adventure unfolds in a light humor key and through captivating images and colour combinations.

A free-form discussion will follow the movie-watching.

  • Time: 29.03 at 6PM
  • Place: Narva Estonian Language House (Linda 2, Narva)
  • Language level: A2+ (A1 if subtitles in Russian are provided)
  • Length of the movie: 1 hour 20 minutes
  • Director: Meel Paliale


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