National Minorities Day 2022

National Minorities Day, which is dedicated to all of the national minorities residing in Estonia, is marked on 24 September, the anniversary of the first Estonian National Minorities Forum in 1988. That original forum unanimously declared its willingness to openly support the attempts of the Estonian population to restore their statehood and democracy. The first National Minorities Day was held in 2005, when then Minister for Population Affairs Paul-Eerik Rummo decreed that it would be observed on 24 September.

A series of concerts, exhibitions, talks and workshops will be held around the country throughout autumn, showcasing the cultural heritage of various national minorities. Everyone is invited to take part!


The whole Estonia reads
Libraries all over Estonia will be celebrating Day of National Cultures on the 24th of September.
Several libraries will be hosting events “The Whole Estonia reads!” The aim of these events is to welcome everyone at our libraries, regardless of their mother tongue or cultural background. You can participate in cultural programs held in different languages, try interesting national dishes and learn about your local library and what they have to offer. Smaller libraries will be introducing interesting books and hold smaller events. 
Find out what libraries will be doing during the Day of National Cultures HERE!


16-25 September
Days of National Cultures in Tallinn

There will be free exhibitions, concerts, workshops, lectures and many other interesting things!
Days of National Cultures aim is to brind Tallinn's ethnic minorities together and show how versatile and interesting these cultures are. Also, different cultures makes us richer.
Entry is free without pre-registration, unless specified otherwise.

17 & 18 September, 10:00-18:00 

Town Hall Square
Ethnofair is a joint undertaking by a large number of national minority cultural associations. It offers a diverse programme featuring everything from handicrafts and national cuisine to live concerts.
Organised by: Alliance of Nationalities of Estonia
This event is free of charge.

17–25 September
Ethnic Culture Days 2022 at the Russian Cultural Centre

Russian Cultural Centre (Mere pst 5, Tallinn)
A week of various concerts and lectures. We are all different, but we all live on the same planet, we know one another’s cultures, respect each other’s customs and traditions.
All events are free.


24 September from 12:00 p.m
Narva dance festival

In the EV100 park of Narva
A dance party dedicated to Ullo Toomi's 120th birthday, where Estonian, Chuvash and Ukrainian dances are danced together.
Visitors can try various national dishes. 
This event is free of charge.


3 October
‘The Art of Creating Beauty’, an exhibition of the handicrafts of various ethnicities

At the Pärnu Central Library (Akadeemia 3, Pärnu)
The exhibition will feature national jewellery, embroideries, painted dishes, elements of folk costumes from Estonian, Ukrainian, Mordovian, Caucasian, Russian, Belarusian traditions.
Organised by the Belarusian cultural and educational non-profit association Lad and the Union of National Minorities, the NPO Raduga.
This event is free of charge.

8 October
Concert performance ‘Slavic Autumn Motifs’

At Nooruse Maja (Roheline 1b, Pärnu).
Creative collectives from Tallinn, Pärnu, and Sindi will perform dances and songs. Lyubov Petrova (Art and Culture Society Hohloma), the hostess of the ‘Russian farm’ will introduce the history of samovars.
Organised by the town of Sindi’s Cultural Association Slavyanochka, the Union of National Minorities Raduga.
This event is free of charge.

28 November
Concert ‘The Heart of My Country’

At Nooruse Maja (Roheline 1b, Pärnu)
Organised by the Belarusian cultural and educational non-profit association Lad.
This event is free of charge.


25 September from 2 p.m.
Armenian language and culture day

At the Kristall hall of Atlantis (Narva mnt 2, Tartu)
The day will include performances by Armenian groups and the students of the Armenian Sunday School. You can also participate in an Armenian ethnic dance workshop.
This event is free of charge.