Museum Fridays: Guided tour of Tallinn Town Hall

06.08.2021   14:00
Tallinna Raekoda (Raekoja plats 1, Tallinn)

Construction of the Town Hall in Tallinn has been dated back to the second half of the 13th century, but it was not until 1322 that it was first mentioned in writing. The building took on its current appearance in 1404. Civic power was based in the Town Hall all the way through until 1970, and it has served a representative function for the city government since 1975. The Town Hall today is a concert venue and historical sight. 

An Estonian-speaking guide will be telling us all about the history of the Town Hall on 6 August. We will have the chance to hone our language skills by asking the guide questions and reading the information boards displayed throughout the building.    

  •  Where: Tallinn Town Hall (Raekoja plats 1) 
  • When: 6 August 2021 from 14:00-15:00 (meeting by the main entrance at 13:50) 
  • Number of participants: up to 20 people  
  • Recommended language level: B1+  
  • Registration:


All events of the Estonian language house are intended for adults and take place in Estonian!  

NB! When organizing an event, we take full account of the health and safety restrictions in force in Estonia.   

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