Museum Friday (in Tallinn)

02.10.2020   14:00
Filmimuuseum (Pirita tee 56, Tallinn)

Once a month on Fridays we will visit various museums, practice the Estonian language, gain new knowledge of Estonian history and culture.

This time we are going to visit Film Museum exhibition "Take ONE".

This guided tour provides an overview of the various stages of film making, from film ideas to red carpet premieres. Visitors will find out about the importance of the script, sets, editing, lighting and sound when making a great film, and will listen to the stories of film makers and actors. In the magical room of illusions, it is possible to get hands-on experience of the machines that were used to create moving images before the advent of cameras.

The duration of one tour is up to 1.5 hours. After the tour, the participant can visit the museum independently. NB! The ticket is valid on the same day for visiting all the buildings/ exhibitions of the Maarjamäe Center (Film Museum, Maarjamäe Palace, Maarjamäe stables).

  • Language level: at least B1
  • Time: 2.10, tour will start at 14.00. We meat before at 13.50 near the ticket service.
  • Place: Film Museum (Pirita tee 56, Tallinn; Bus station Maarjamägi, buses nr 1A, 5, 8, 34A, 38)

Additional information:

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