Museum Friday: Seaplane Harbour (in Tallinn)

11.12.2020   14:00
Lennusadam (Vesilennuki 6, Tallinn)

Once a month on Fridays we will visit various museums, practice the Estonian language, gain new knowledge of Estonian history and culture. This time we are going to visit the exhibition of the Seaplane Harbour.

The Seaplane Harbour accommodates one of Europe’s grandest maritime museums.

We are going to have a tour in the Seaplane Hangar, with stories from underwater, the surface and above. Let us dive together to the origins of the Finno-Ugric culture, drift on the stormy Baltic Sea and surface eventually in the middle of hi-tech equipment from the previous century.

The Seaplane Harbour, including the Seaplane Hangar, was built to become part of Peter the Great’s naval fortress 100 years ago on orders from the Russian emperor Nicholas II. The building was used for seaplanes until the Second World War!

  • Language level: at least B1
  • Time: 11.12, tour will start at 14:00. We meat before at 13.50 near the entrance of the museum.
  • Place: Seaplane Harbour (Vesilennuki 6, Tallinn).
  • Registration:

After the tour, the participants can visit the museum independently.

Additional information:

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