Museum Friday – Kalamaja Museum B1+ (Tallinn)

24.03.2023 14:00 - 15:30
Kotzebue 16, Tallinn

Museum Friday is a series of activities supporting the learning of the Estonian language for adults whose mother tongue is not Estonian.  As part of the series, we will visit various museums in Tallinn (e.g. the bastion passages and the Carved Stone Museum, the Adamson-Eric Museum, the Kalamaja Museum, and the Great Guild Hall of the Estonian History Museum), including a tour with a museum pedagogue in Estonian. After the tour, the participants can explore the museum on their own.

Museum Friday takes place once a month on Fridays: 27 January, 17 February, 24 March, and 21 April.

This time, we will visit the Kalamaja Museum, which was founded with the help of the people of the region. This makes the museum unique in all of Estonia. The story of the museum began in the spring of 2018 with a survey among the locals. The permanent exhibition of the museum A Village in the Middle of the City. Stories about Kalamaja speaks of the life of the area through six personas characteristic to Kalamaja: a man of Kalamaja, a woman of Kalamaja, a child of Kalamaja, a parent of Kalamaja, an artist of Kalamaja, and an animal of Kalamaja.

Participants can practice listening (listening to the museum pedagogue), speaking (asking questions from the museum pedagogue), and reading (independently exploring the museum display), as well as increase their cultural and historical awareness in Estonian.

  • Language level required: B1+
  • Time: 24.03 from 14.00-15.30
  • Location: Kalamaja Museum (Kotzebue 16, Tallinn)
  • No of participants: 25

Organiser: Inna Arno ([email protected])

Registration: (10.03 at 9.00)

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