Meeting with Marianne Mikko (Klooga)

Aedlinna tee 3, Klooga

We are going to meet Marianne Mikko who is a writer, a former journalist, a member of the European Parliament, and a politician.

Marianne was recently elected a member of the UN Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women. During the meeting, we will discuss politics and equal opportunities for participation in the political sphere. Everyone is invited to join us for a cup of coffee.

  • Language level: B1, B2, C1
  • Time: 20.10 from 15.00-17.00
  • Location: Klooga Building of Lääne-Harju Cultural Centre (Aedlinna tee 3, Klooga)
  • No of participants: 20

Organised by: Valeria Siminko
Registration: (06.10 at 9.00)

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