Meet the Author - Polina Tšerkassova (Tallinn)

Rävala pst. 5, Tallinn

Over the course of the event series, we are going to meet fascinating Estonian writers and listen to them talk about their lives and creation.

Polina Tšerkassova is an Estonian anthropologist, musician, and story teller. She combines fairy tales from various cultures with her music which is performed on rare musical instruments, such as musette, svirel, birbynė. Polina Tšerkassova has collaborated with many musical groups and created scores for the theatrical productions of the Russian Theatre and the Uus Vana Theatre. She has studied the effect that tales, sounds, and the act of listening have on people.

We are going to listen to Polina tell us a fairy tale and play rare instruments, inspiring us to tell our own tales and write and read written texts.

  • Language level: B2, C1
  • Time: 18.10 from 17.30-19.30
  • Location: Tallinn Estonian Language House (Rävala 5, Tallinn)
  • No of participants: 25

Teacher: Mari Sieberk
Registration: (04.10 at 9.00)

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