Lone-wolf cultural associations to work together as a pack

National minority and Estonian umbrella organisations have taken the decision to start working together more closely. At 11:00 on Friday 7 September they will be gathering at Mooste Manor to start putting together joint projects.

Russians, Ukrainians, Mordvans, Tatars, Belarusians, Azeris, Armenians, Ingrian Finns, Estonians and other nationalities will be represented, with 65 participants in total.

The Integration Foundation’s Head of Partnership Relations Kristina Pirgop says that the first sizeable gathering of Estonian and national minority umbrella organisations took place a year ago. During that meeting the participants expressed their wish to continue holding such get-togethers, which is why the Integration Foundation is working with the Ministry of Culture and the Estonian Folklore Council to organise the gathering in Mooste.

“Last year we saw that discussions between people from different cultural backgrounds can be an amazing platform for new ideas and undertakings,” she said. “This time they’ll be working together to come up with joint projects, and they’ll then vote on them to decide which ones they can make a start on straight away. We’re providing 6000 euros in support for the best projects to help them along.”

During the gathering the attendees will also be discussing the topic ‘What can you do to ensure that your cultural heritage speaks to as many people as possible?’, since 2018 is European Year of Cultural Heritage and September is National Culturesdd Month in Estonia.