Ljubov | Resident of Narva

piltHow are you supposed to learn Estonian when everyone around you speaks Russian? The answer to that is: sign up for a language café, where you can practise your Estonian with other learners in a relaxed, totally stress-free atmosphere.

I really enjoy attending the ‘classes’ at the café, which aren’t really classes at all, because everything you do is over a cup of coffee. I always come away having learnt something interesting and useful. I want my Estonian to be as good as it can be, so I need to use it more, and for me the language cafés are perfect for that. I feel as though taking part in them has opened up more and more opportunities for me to use Estonian in my everyday life. If I’m at the shops or walking along the street and someone asks me something in Estonian, I’m now able to answer them with much more confidence, not to mention a broader vocabulary and greater grammatical accuracy!

I like watching TV shows and films in Estonian as well, and reading books. I want to keep on going to the cafés so that my Estonian improves even more.