Let’s sing in Estonian!

01.07.2021   17:00
Maarja Magdaleena Gildi ärklisaalis PÄRNUS

A series of nine events under the umbrella title of “Let’s Sing in Estonian!” is bringing together residents of Pärnu who speak other languages as their mother tongues to learn to sing simple songs together in the national language.  

The songs were chosen according to the preferences of the participants. During the first half of each lesson, the participants study the lyrics of the songs. They include folk songs, campfire classics, choral pieces, pop numbers and Eurovision evergreens. 

What does each song say? Who sings it? Do the lyrics contain words and expressions that are new to the participants? A musician who is both a singer and a singing teacher accompanies the participants on an instrument.   

Singing together fosters solidarity and friendship and engenders a sense of community. This is reflected in the fact that otherwise reserved Estonians practise for months and even years to take part in the Song Celebrations, which are the nation’s pride and joy. What feeling does that give you?  

The event is designed to be fun, so those taking part need not have perfect pitch or be professional singers!  

Where: Mary Magdalene Guild, Pärnu 

When:  Thursdays from 17:00-19:00 from 1 July-26 August 2021 

Number of participants: up to 20 people  

Recommended language level: A1+  

Registration: https://forms.gle/E1bdWnrkZuYaeEsy7  

All events of the Estonian language house are intended for adults and take place in Estonian!  

NB! When organizing an event, we take full account of the health and safety restrictions in force in Estonia.   

Additional information: Silja Joon (silja.joon@gmail.com


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