Language roulette gets you practising your Estonian! Bringing people together via Zoom, it offers you the chance to chat about given topics in random groups for a pre-determined amount of time.

What exactly you’ll be discussing you’ll only find out on the day! A fun, relaxed atmosphere is guaranteed. 

Min. language level required: A2 (The format is open to learners whose Estonian skills are at least at the A2 level as well as to native speakers of the language) 

When: 26 of October at 18:00 (logging in at 17:45 and starting at 18:00 on the dot!) 

Where: Zoom 

Contact person/organiser: Ave Landrat ([email protected])/Mari Taalmann ([email protected]


(registration opens on the Friday before the scheduled session) 

The Zoom link will be sent ahead of the session to everyone registered for the event. 

Additional information:

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