Join the internship program!

Once again, we provide the opportunity for students with a language and cultural background other than Estonian to participate in the work experience programme of the Integration Foundation, which aims to familiarise the students with the work of state authorities and encourage them to apply for jobs in the public sector in the future.

We will share more information about the work experience programme and the placements on offer at information days for students in Narva, Tartu, and Tallinn.

At the information day, students can learn:

about the experiences of people with a different mother tongue working in the public sector

• what is important when starting the work experience; what the work experience process is like

• what the public sector is and what a state authority is

• how a work experience programme could help in finding a job in the future

• about the work experience offers and requirements


Schedule of the information days:

21 February – Tartu, Career Day for students of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities at the University of Tartu (in the building at 3 Lossi Street)

22 February – Narva, at the Estonian Language House (2 Linda Street)

1 March – Tallinn, the information day of the work experience programme at the jont building of the ministries (1 Suur-Ameerika Street). More details about this information day can be found at: Register:


We are implementing the work experience programme with the resources of the European Union’s Cohesion and Internal Security Funds for 2021–2027 and within the framework of project No. 2021-2027.4.07.23-0005 under Order No. 80 of the Minister of Culture of 15 March 2023 ‘Conditions for granting support for the implementation of activities supporting integration, including adaptation, in Estonian society’.