Discussing money and taxes (Klooga)

Aedlinna tee 3, Klooga

At the event, we are going to expand our horizons and learn about topics related to economy which affect everyone. We are going to discuss purchases, income, and state taxes in Estonian.


What do people buy and how do they pay for the goods and services? Is money earned or does one’s income consist of benefits? To what extent does the state support its people? Where does a state get its funds? We are going discuss these and other topics related to market economy in Estonian.

The moderator of the meetings is Taimi Viidna. She has taught accounting and preparation of business plans to adults for 25 years and is currently employed as an accountant. She is registered as a self-employed person. Taimi has a great sense of humour and is very knowledgeable about a wide variety of topics.

  • Language level: B1
  • Time: 27.09 from 15.00-16.30
  • Location: Klooga Cultural Centre (Aedlinna tee 3, Klooga)
  • No of participants: 16

Organised by: Valeria Siminko and Taimi Viidna
Registration: (13.09 at 9.00) https://iseteenindus.integratsioon.ee/service/view/11521?lang=en

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