Day trip to the Estonian National Museum in Tartu (Tallinn) / all places are booked

Rävala pst 5, Tallinn

We are going to visit the Estonian National Museum in the Raadi city district in Tartu, which introduces the culture of Estonian and Finno-Ugric people.

We will explore the new building of the Estonian National Museum, opened in 2016, tour the exhibitions, and participate in workshops.

  • Language level required: B1, B2
  • Time: 30.09 from 8.30-19.00
  • Location: Tartu; we are going to meet in front of the Estonian Language House in Tallinn (Rävala 5, Tallinn) and depart from there.
  • No of participants: 30

Teachers: Pille Veisserik and Krista Tukk
Registration: (09.09 at 10.00)

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