A Day of Science 'River' (in Narva)

06.05.2022 05:15 - 22:00
Narva Estonian Language House (Linda 2, Narva) and different places in Narva

During ’A Day of Science’, we invite the best-known scientists in Narva to have a look at the world around us through a scientific lens. As Narva is located by a very exciting river, we will learn everything related to it and get to know the river itself – its inhabitants and those who live on the banks. The event includes lectures, workshops as well as history and nature hikes.

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5.09 a.m., in the Joaoru beach house or outside out it, depending on the weather
Sunrise with Polina Tšerkassova. Instrumental and river songs in Estonian and Russian. Polina Tšerkassova is an anthropologist, musician, and storyteller, who intertwines true stories from faraway lands and fairytales with her music played on various rare instruments. Polina has been involved in music and storytelling for over 10 years, she studies the effect of stories, sounds, and listening on people, passing on the tradition of oral culture and contemporary storytelling.
Registration: https://iseteenindus.integratsioon.ee/service/view/10396

6.15 a.m. – 7.30 a.m., at the Swedish lion near the Joaoru beach house 
Birdsong promenade with Peep Veedla in Estonian. During this promenade, we will get to know the birds living in the vicinity of the river and learn to recognise their song. Veedla, Estonia’s best-known hobby ornithologist and the author of numerous bird-themed books, has many exciting stories to tell about birds!
Registration (30 places): https://iseteenindus.integratsioon.ee/service/view/10397

2 p.m. – 4.30 p.m., on the first-floor hall of the Joaoru beach house and near the river
Workshop by a nature photographer Jarek Jõepera with a lecture in Estonian: how to take pictures of nature with a cell phone. Jarek Jõepera is a renowned nature photographer (multiple nominee of Nature Photo of the Year, Bloodless Hunt, Sports Photo of the Year, Press Photo of the Year, etc.) and his workshop is based on everyday practice. In the workshop, we will first hear a lecture on composition, after which we will put our knowledge to use by taking pictures with our cell phones ourselves.
Registration (40 places): https://iseteenindus.integratsioon.ee/service/view/10398

5 p.m. – 8 p.m. starting at the Narva river port by the rowing club
A ride on the river-tram Caroline with researchers, on the route Narva−Narva-Jõesuu−Narva, in Estonian. During the river-tram ride, we will hear river-related lectures from researchers.
Registration (60 places): https://iseteenindus.integratsioon.ee/service/view/10399 (all places are booked!)

8.15 p.m., on the first-floor hall of the Joaoru beach house
A sunset concert at the Joaoru beach house. The concert will be performed by Erki Pärnoja, the Jazz Composer of the Year 2021. Come and end the Friday with beautiful music and admiring the colours of the sunset!
Registration (100 places): https://iseteenindus.integratsioon.ee/service/view/10400 

  • It is necessary to sign up for each event separately.
  • Language level: B1+


Photos of the event are available here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/pHJSczQzwLzEAMnG6