Competition results: Ida-Viru County to host events with national scope

As a result of the competition, eight national sporting and cultural events due to take place in Ida-Viru County this year (four in each category) will receive support from the Integration Foundation in the total amount of 157,500 euros.

The competition, which was held from 22 February – 21 March, attracted 48 applications by the deadline, 40 of which met the requirements.

The jury decided to support eight of these 40 projects, dividing up a total of 157,500 euros between them proportionally by theme and region. Four of the events fall within the category of ‘sports’ and four within the category of ‘culture’. Around half will take place in Narva or Narva-Jõesuu, while the other events will be held in Jõhvi, Kiviõli and Kohtla-Nõmme. The eight projects being supported are the following:

  • 27 April – 5 May | Jõhvi | Ballet Festival | Organiser: Eesti Kontsert | 10,000 euros granted in support
  • 26 May – 21 September | Narva & Narva-Jõesuu | Four-stage running race | Organiser: Motus Sports Club | 10,185 euros granted in support
  • 8 June | Narva | ‘Energiajooks’ Fun Run | Organiser: Sports Events Organisation Club | 25,000 euros granted in support
  • 8 & 9 June | Kiviõli Adventure Centre | Motocross weekend & world championship stage | Organiser: Kiviõli Adventure Centre | 23,500 euros granted in support
  • 29 & 30 June | Estonian Mining Museum, Kohtla-Nõmme | ‘Voice of the Hills’ Music Festival | Organiser: Mägede Hääl | 19,310 euros granted in support
  • August | Kreenholm factory, Narva | ‘Nightingales of the Kremlin’ production involving artists from Finland and Russia | Organiser: NPO Uus Teater | 25,000 euros granted in support
  • 24 August | Narva | Football friendly between star players from Estonia and Russia | Organiser: Estonian Football Association | 19,505 euros granted in support
  • 28 August-12 September | Narva | Opera Days with concerts and excursions | Organiser: NPO ContempArt | 25,000 euros granted in support

Almost half of the applicants had not previously taken part in similar competitions organised by the Integration Foundation. Of these, two were granted support: NPO Uus Teater and Kiviõli Adventure Centre.

The next application round of this kind will be launched in September. The autumn round will have a budget of 95,400 euros, which will support events that are scheduled to take place by April 2020.

The terms and conditions of the competition just completed are available online at