Church tour in Lääne-Harju rural municipality (Klooga)

Aedlinna tee 3, Klooga

We will depart from Klooga and go on a tour of the churches and congregations active in the Lääne-Harju rural smunicipality.

We will learn about the construction and history of the church buildings, the everyday life of the congregations, and meet their leaders. We are going to learn and practice vocabulary related to the history and religion of Estonia when visiting churches and during the bus ride. The tour includes a coffee break in one of the congregations.

  • Language level: B1, B2, C1
  • Time: 22.09 kell 11.00-16.00
  • Location: we are going to depart from the Klooga Building of Lääne-Harju Cultural Centre (Aedlinna tee 3, Klooga) at 11 a.m.
  • No of participants: 20

Organised by: Valeria Siminko
Registration: (08.09 at 9.00)

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