CeramESTics (Kiviõli)

Kiviõli School of Arts (Vabaduse 6, Kiviõli)

A ceramics class in Estonian.

The class is perfect for language learners who are interested in ceramics and want to communicate in Estonian in a relaxed atmosphere. Estonian-speaking ceramics enthusiasts are also welcome to help the language learners.

  • Language level: A2+
  • Time: 20.10 from 17.15-19.15
  • Location: Kiviõli School of Arts (Vabaduse 6, Kiviõli)
  • No of participants: 6-10

Instructor: Kaie Pungas (Instructor Kaie Pungas is an artist-ceramist from the Estonian Academy of Arts)

Registration: (06.10.2022 at 09.00) https://iseteenindus.integratsioon.ee/service/view/11575?lang=en

NB! You can register for the events through the Integration Foundation's self-service, which you can enter using an ID card, Mobile-ID or Smart-ID. Please see the user guide: https://integratsioon.ee/iseteenindus

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