Celebrate international Estonian Language Week by joining us on an URBAN TREASURE HUNT AND WIN PRIZES!

04.10.2021 09:00 - 11.10.2021 00:00
Actionbound / Eesti keele nädal 2021

The Estonian Language Centre in Narva is inviting language learners around the country to take part in an urban treasure hunt! This fun app-based game will expand your vocabulary and get you practising your Estonian in the fresh air.

Simply download the ‘Actionbound’ app and search for Eesti keele nädal 2021 if you use Android phone. In case you use Iphone, please enter via the QR code:

Your phone will give you all the instructions you need from that point onwards. During the treasure hunt you’ll need to answer a range of questions, take photos and film short videos. It’s a perfect game to be played in groups with friends or family, but you can also play it alone if you want to.

The treasure hunt will start on 4 October, with the winners being announced on 11 October. You can play at any time during Estonian Language Week. Prizes will be drawn among everyone who takes part.

The treasure hunt forms part of the KeelEST2021 Estonian Language Week festivities.