The youth camp for adult Estonian compatriots 2024

The youth camp for adult Estonian compatriots will take place from August 14th to 24th, 2024, in Tallinn. The camp welcomes 30 young adults aged 18-30 with Estonian roots, 20 of whom live abroad and 10 in Estonia, who are interested in getting to know Estonia better.

The aim of the camp is to provide an opportunity for young adults with Estonian roots permanently residing in foreign countries to gain knowledge and information about life in Estonia, studying and working there, as well as Estonian language, culture, and history.

During the camp, participants will have the opportunity to be closer to their origins and roots, to renew and strengthen their connection with Estonia. Participants will have the opportunity to visit important cultural and historical sites, share their experiences in an inspiring environment, and discover new opportunities in Estonia, including getting acquainted with the country's system, activities of government institutions, educational opportunities, and business activities. Throughout the camp, we will explore various traditions, learn Estonian language, thereby helping to preserve and promote Estonian culture and identity worldwide.

The youth camp offers an excellent opportunity to meet new friends and acquaintances and to network between young people from both Estonia and abroad.

All on-site expenses for participants are covered: accommodation, meals, local transportation, various visits and outings.

Transportation costs to and from Tallinn and returning home are covered by the participant themselves. Partial reimbursement of travel expenses is also available based on need and upon application.

Please ensure that all travel documents are correct before attending the camp, and it is also important to have valid health insurance in Estonia.

Registration for participation in 2024 camp has closed..

Please note that registration does not guarantee a place in the camp, and the final confirmation of participation in the camp will be sent via email no later than the end of May.

The adult compatriot camp is funded by the Ministry of Education and Research.


Marika Sulg
Compatriots Service Consultant
[email protected]