‘Nadija’ Ukrainian Expatriate Community Sunday School

‘Nadija’ Ukrainian Expatriate Community Sunday School

This school was founded in 1998. It was registered in the Estonian Education Information System in 2007.

The school’s curriculum covers such subjects as Ukrainian language, literature, geography, history, culture and traditions. The materials used are in line with the age groups of those studying: children aged 7-11 and those aged 12-18. There is also a pre-school group for children up to the age of 6.

The curriculum comprises the following modules:

  • Ukraine, the Ukrainian people and their place in the world
  • Ukrainian people and the environment in which they live
  • Life in Ukraine (family, handicrafts, national costumes, cuisine, songs, games and more)
  • National holidays and special days in Ukraine
  • Specific features of communication in Ukraine
  • Ukraine: people, activities and time

In their Ukrainian language and literature lessons the students learn how to write in Cyrillic, study grammar, practise their pronunciation, read and discuss given topics. They also study poems, sayings and rapid speech. The Ukrainian language lessons are directly linked to Ukraine studies lessons, and material is reinforced during singing and handicraft classes.

The children get involved in the St Nicholas’ Day festivities at the Ukrainian embassy in Estonia, take part in the ‘Ukrainian Flowers’ festival, visit exhibitions, attend camps and go on excursions.

Students from the school have participated and achieved excellent results in the international Taras Shevchenko Language & Literature Competition for school and university students organised by the Ministry of Education and Research and Ministry of Youth and Sport of Ukraine. Alumni have gone on to study at Shevchenko University in Kyiv. Graduates of the Sunday school speak fluent Ukrainian and implement their skills in their work and travels.