‘Vodograi’ Ukrainian Expatriate Community Sunday School

‘Vodograi’ Ukrainian Expatriate Community Sunday School

This school was founded in 1999.

It celebrates Ukrainian national holidays and special days, including Pagan Christmas, St Nicholas’ Day, the New Year’s party of the Ukrainian embassy in Estonia, midsummer, the birthday of Lesya Ukrainka, the memorial day for the victims of Golodomor, ‘Sorotšinskaja Jarmarka’ in Maardu and the parade of embroidered national clothing in Sillamäe.

In workshops the students are taught how to decorate Easter eggs using the wax-and-dye technique and traditional symbols and how to make Easter baskets, Christmas decorations, handicraft items with beading and traditional dolls.

The students also take part in Ukrainian children’s camps, attend such festivals as ‘Ukrainian Flowers’ (Tallinn), ‘Ukrainian Culture Near and Far’ (Węgorzewo, Poland), ‘We Are All Your Children, Ukraine!’ (Ukraine) and ‘Ukrainian Wave’ (Pärnu) and participate in the Ukrainian Culture Days in Antalya (Turkey) and the ‘Ukrainian Children of the World’ forum (Ukraine).

Children from the school have won international folk handicraft competitions.