‘Taurenis’ Tallinn Latvian School

This school was founded in 2008. It gained its name and its official status as a hobby school in 2013.

It teaches Latvian children living in Estonia the language, culture, traditions and history of their homeland. The curriculum takes in a wide range of subjects: Latvian language and literature; folk dance, music and art; handicrafts (theory and practice); and Latvian history and geography.

To ensure that both teaching and the children’s development are as effective as possible, the students are divided into two age groups, one younger (ages 1-6) and the other older (school-age children). The younger group learns language and culture through games, songs and arts & crafts. The older group’s studies are organised as an academic learning process that covers a variety of subjects: Latvian language and literature; folk dance, art and handicrafts; music; Latvian history and geography; and important days in the Latvian folk calendar. Each school day ends with the two groups coming together to take part in joint activities, be they singing, games or putting on shows. Both age groups have their own teachers, who come from the town of Salacgrīva near the Estonian-Latvian border.

In addition to teaching work, the school organises events aimed at promoting Latvian culture and customs and preserving the country’s traditions. The most important days for Latvian people are celebrated. An autumn excursion, a spring Mothers Day concert and a play at the end of the school year have also become traditions at the school.