LET’S GET TOGETHER! – Pärnu Social & Song Club (Sindi, Pärnu County)

17.10.2021   12:00
 Sindi Seltsimaja, Pärnu mnt 44, Sindi, Pärnu maakond 

“Let’s Get Together!” is a fun series of events aimed at people in Pärnu and Sindi whose mother tongues are languages other than Estonian. The events are designed to let them practise the national language while meeting musicians from their county. The events will take place at 12:00 over seven Sundays in Sindi and Pärnu. 

In a relaxed atmosphere, accompanied by tea and coffee, participants can socialise, chat in Estonian and enjoy live performances of well-known Estonian-language songs. 

The fun, playful nature of the club events will get people of all ages learning Estonian without them even realising it! “Let’s Get Together!” represents an opportunity to get to know local folk and pop culture and Estonians as a singing nation. The ability to hold a tune is not required! 

Min. language level required: A2 

When: 19 September from 12:00-14:00 at Sindi Community Centre 

Max. no. of participants: 20 

Where: Sindi Community Centre (Pärnu mnt 44) 

Contact person: Silja Joon (silja.joon@gmail.com/+372 5561 5559) 


 Health safety: In organising language courses, Estonian Language Houses are guided by the current requirements put in place to stop the spread of coronavirus. Only people who present the certificate to prove that they (1) are vaccinated, (2) have been recovered from COVID-19, or (3) have got negative result of PCR test (valid for 72 h) or rapid antigen test (valid for 48 h) can take part in events.   

The COVID certificates of all attendants will be checked at the entrance, please bring your identity document with you as well.   

The certificate can be submitted in both paper and digital form (eg from smartphone).   

There is no on-site testing available. 



Additional information:

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